Best Foods That Defines What It Means to Be Indonesian

With regards to this nation of a thousand islands, isolating society and sustenance is basically not feasible. Much the same as how Indonesia is inexhaustible in characteristic marvels, you can likewise discover many various societies from Sabang to Marauke. With these various societies, alongside different convictions and religions, sustenance is consistently the one shared belief that all Indonesians from various foundations can appreciate.

While we likewise have our very own forms of rendang, satay, rojak, and cendol, this rundown will cover dishes that you can’t discover anyplace else. So here are the main 7 dishes that everybody can concur are quintessentially Indonesian.


Because of the nation’s size and its various populace, there are a wide range of Indonesian dishes that are considered as the nation’s national dish. Notwithstanding, tumpeng was authoritatively picked as the national dish of Indonesia in 2014 by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Tumpeng is a cone-formed rice dish generally eaten during exceptional events, functions, and other conventional occasions in a considerable lot of the nation’s districts. The tumpeng can be made either with nasi uduk (rice cooked with coconut milk, similar to Malaysia’s nasi lemak) or nasi kuning (rice cooked with turmeric or kunyit). Encompassing the tumpeng, one can discover different side dishes like browned chicken, vegetables, destroyed omelets, anchovies, peanuts, and tempeh.


Much the same as its neighboring nations, Indonesia commonly encounters just two sorts of climate: the blustery, moist days or the singing hot seasons. To keep warm during the stormy seasons, Indonesians would eat a bowl of this dish either in the roadside warung or in an eatery.

Bakso, or meatballs, is accepted to have a Chinese starting point, alongside bakmi, lumpia, and kwetiau. Indonesian bakso, nonetheless, is primarily halal, utilizing hamburger meatballs rather than the pork balls. However, similar to the Chinese dish, bakso is normally presented with vermicelli or yellow noodles. What makes the Indonesian bakso so uncommon is that you can discover such a significant number of varieties like bakso Malang, bakso molecule, cheddar filled bakso, and bakso urat (ligament meatballs).


Indonesians like to cover everything with bean stew so it’s protected to state that Indonesian sambal is the best bean stew glue around. While Malaysian and Singaporean sambal will in general be on the better side, Indonesian sambal (or sambel) punches you in the face due to its kickin’ hotness.

One of the staple sambals is the sambel terasi, otherwise called sambel belacan, made with red or green bean stew, shrimp glue, sugar, salt, and beat tomatoes. Sambal terasi is regularly combined with ayam penyet, lalapan or crude vegetables, duck, and fish. Other well known sorts of sambal in Indonesia incorporate sambel ijo, sambel kecap, sambel tomat, sambel matah, and many, some more.


Other than bakso, Indonesians would likewise eat bubur (porridge) during stormy seasons. Some don’t hold up until it downpours, however, and would simply have bubur for breakfast each morning. A mainstream variety of this Indonesian dish is the great bubur ayam including porridge bested with destroyed chicken, broiled shallot, scallion, peanuts, sweet soy sauce, and cakwe or youtiao.

Various districts would have their very own forms of the dish like tinutuan or bubur Manado from North Sulawesi. Tinutuan utilizes pumpkin or sweet potato just as anchovies as the fixings alongside water spinach, sambal, and melinjo. Beside the appetizing porridge, bubur would likewise be eaten as a pastry. Pastry porridge in Indonesia incorporate bubur sumsum, bubur pacar, and bubur kacang ijo.

Lapis Legit

On the off chance that you’re searching for a genuinely Indonesian pastry to attempt, at that point this thousand-layer cake is the treat to enjoy. Otherwise called spekkoek as a result of its Dutch roots, the lapis genuine is regularly eaten during Eid, Christmas, Chinese New Year, or they can even be found on the family room table to be served to houseguests on the day by day.

The lapis genuine is thick yet soggy, its thousand layers loaded up with rich goodness that goes radiantly well with the fruity jams. It’s made with a mix of Indonesian flavors like cinnamon, cardamom, and anise, a lot of spread or margarine, and organic products like prunes or raisins as a garnish.

Not slobbering for this Indonesian cake yet? All things considered, the lapis genuine was recorded as one of the world’s most tasty cakes by CNN, alongside American cheesecake, Italy’s tiramisu, Malaysia’s pandan cake, and Britain’s Victoria wipe.


Local toward the South Sumatran city of Palembang, pempek, empek-empek, or mpek-mpek is a dish containing steamed and seared fishcakes and presented with a sweet and harsh (and in some cases hot) soy sauce. They are likewise served alongside yellow noodles and diced cucumbers to enable you to kill the sharpness and the fieriness of the soy sauce.

There are around 15 varieties of pempek yet the most well known ones are pempek kapal selam, pempek lenjer, pempek adaan, and pempek kulit.


In spite of the fact that right now noodle isn’t really a social nourishment, eating Indomie has been instilled in our way of life so much that excluding it to this rundown feels along these lines, so off-base. Indomie, particularly the goreng or browned kind, is amazingly well known over the world. Individuals have made tunes, satchels, and the brand has broken numerous Guinness Book of World Records.

Other than the well known Mie Goreng, Indomie additionally has different flavors, for example, Kari Ayam, Soto Mie, Bakso Sapi, Rendang, Ayam Jamur, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A few Indonesians would likewise add their own little bends to the Indomie by including cheddar and frankfurters, emptying milk and breaking and into the juices, or straight up eat the Indomie goreng with a plate of rice.

I can go on and list around a hundred additional dishes that characterizes what it resembles to be an Indonesian yet these seven dishes should enable you to begin on your Indonesian food venture. Selamat makan!

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